[webkit-gtk] Bump dependency requirements before WebKitGTK+ 2.0

Carlos Garcia Campos cgarcia at igalia.com
Fri Mar 22 07:41:19 PDT 2013

Since WebKit2GTK+ is going to depend on really new stuff already (gcc
4.7/clang 3, libsecret, libsoup 2.42, gst 1.0, harfbuzz, etc.) I propose
to bump other dependencies that will allow us to remove a lot of
#ifdefs, and remove deprecated stuff. 

My proposal is:

 - glib 2.36.0: libsoup currently requires 2.35.0, so this will be the
minimum required by us after bumping libsoup requirements, since people
don't want to depend on unstable versions, 2.36 will be the next stable
version after 2.35. This will allow us to remove all g_type_init, port
to GTask, make the inspector use GResource unconditionally, etc.

 - gtk+ 3.6.0: this is the current stable release, we don't have any
code using newer API, so just depending on 3.6 we can remove all the
#ifdefed code. We might consider depending on 3.8, since it includes
many improvements to the wayland backend, I don't know if that affects
us to support wayland in WebKit or not.

 - GObject introspection 1.32.0: is the version required by gtk+ 3.6, so
we'll depend on that if we bump gtk+ requirements to 3.6. We currently
depend on 0.9.5 which is very old.

 - Pango 1.32.0: it's the current stable version and the first depending
on harfbuff and we already depend on harfbuff.

 - Fontconfig 2.5: required by pango 1.32.0 when using harfbuff.

 - gtk+ 2.24.0: It's the latest version of gtk2 and would allow us to
remove a lot of deprecated code and #ifdefed code. 

In addition to this, I wonder if we should explicitly check also
gdk-pixbuf since it was separated from gtk+ long time ago.

Carlos Garcia Campos
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