[webkit-gtk] Memory leaks creating and removing webviews

Sergio Villar Senin svillar at igalia.com
Fri Jun 14 03:24:46 PDT 2013

En 14/06/13 12:16, Sergio Villar Senin escribiu:
> En 14/06/13 10:43, Brian Holt escribiu:
>>>> Also, running a page making XMLHttpRequests on the DRT under valgrind 
>>>> shows that there are no "leaks" in the sense that memory is no longer
>> available.
>>>> What is far more likely is that the references are being held in some 
>>>> structure (HashTable?) and upon exit are properly freed.
>>> This is interesting, maybe it's just a matter of bad refcounting. Will try
>> to take a look at it.
>> Reading that again I realised I didn't explain that very well.  
>> Valgrind shows no leaks, meaning that the memory is being properly freed
>> upon exit.  But that doesn't help people who see a steady increase in the
>> amount of memory consumed by WK while doing these XMLHttpRequests.  So, what
>> is most likely happening is that the refs are held in some structure and not
>> being freed at the right point.
> Yeah, I understood it that way. I have just run a couple of massif runs
> and it looks like the heap size increases in JSC, so I guess it's just a
> bug there or maybe a matter of waiting for some gc to happen.

Actually not, the JSC heap is not increasing its size a lot I just got
mislead by the confusing massif output. Massif only tells me that
FastMalloc is the culprit but that's like saying nothing :).


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