[webkit-gtk] Bug 97324 - [GTK] Add support for Page Visibility

Martin Robinson mrobinson at webkit.org
Tue Jan 29 18:11:52 PST 2013

On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 8:49 AM, Anton Obzhirov <a.obzhirov at samsung.com> wrote:
> I can test "visibility" and "hidden" states with GTK+ widget visibility and probably "prerender" state with off screen loading of the page. But to make layout tests pass and make some testing for WebKit2 it still might be desirable to add
> test api to set visibility state in DumpRenderTreeSupportGtk and new InjectedBundlePageSetVisibilityClient APi in WebKit2. What do you think?

Hrm. In my view the test harness should test the real API whenever
possible. Things like DumpRenderTreeSupport are just stopgaps until
public API exists. We've probably leaned too heavily on them in the
past, but writing good API is difficult. If you find that you need to
add hidden API to pass all the layout tests, then probably you should
just add public API. It's a little hard to say without looking at the
interfaces in detail though. Perhaps you could give a small overview
of what you are considering to add?


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