[webkit-gtk] Migrating to Webkit2 from WebKit1

Niranjan Rao nhrdls at gmail.com
Thu Dec 12 11:25:00 PST 2013


I am trying scope efforts required to migrate to Webkit2 from Webkit1. I 
came across blog entry by Carlos Garcia Campos at 
which answered some of questions/problems I had with newer release, it 
raised some new questions as I started digging into API.

Currently we use webkit 2.0.1 release in Webkit1 mode. We would like to 
move latest and greatest to use some new useful features (big thank you 
for these features).

My application is in Java using JNI calls to webkit. Its a scraping 
application for all practical purposes where code "understands" contents 
of the page and then decides which field needs to filled, selected or 
clicked. In other words it drives browser window in similar way a human 
will drive, but decisions coming from code which involves heavy DOM 
access and manipulation.

1. How long webkit1 support will be active? Will there be a cutoff point 
that says Webkit1 will not be supported after this point
2. Can  Webkit2 be used by python libraries using introspection? While 
not necessary for our code, it makes life easier to do quick test in python.
3. New window - could not locate equivalent of "create-web-view" signal 
so far. If a page needs to have new window, how do I handle this?
5. My code does lot of DOM manipulation. We have  a driver thread which 
channels DOM requests to GUI thread using gtk_idle_add. With new 
architecture with extensions and processes, do we need to change this 
6. WebKitWebPage::send-request - what exactly is treated as resource? 
Any thing that will be fetched from remote server like images/css etc? 
What about pdf or other files than browser won't display.
7. Any other notes/warnings your care to add

Appreciate the great work and new functionality,


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