[webkit-gtk] Ogg media support questions / compiling with debug enabled

Philippe Normand philn at igalia.com
Thu Jun 14 09:19:13 PDT 2012

On 2012-06-14 16:55, Daniel Drake wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to answer the following questions:
> - Does WebKit's inbuilt ogg theora support use Xv for video playback?

The MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamer backend has some support for 
autovideosink (which internally may chose to use the Xv video-sink). 
This code path is used for fullscreen video display. However the plan is 
to remove support for this once we have a working Accelerated 
Compositing video layer working. This will internally rely on OpenGL.

> - How can the inbuilt theora support be made to fill the screen when
> accessed from a <a type="application/ogg">foo</a> link? Right now it
> renders small, leaving most of the screen unused.

An anchor tag? How can this work?
To play media you have 2 alternatives:

- the HTML5 way: <audio> and <video> tags
- the plugin way: some <object> black magic :)

> - Why don't the vorbis audio controls (play/stop/etc) appear on OLPC
> XO laptops? (I think they appear, but 1 pixel in height)

I'd be interested to see a screenshot. A bug report might be worth too 
(please CC me).
What version of WebKitGTK are you using?

> - Can the inbuilt ogg support be disabled, so that we fallback to the
> browser plugin provided by totem which doesn't have any of these
> issues?

You can disable video support at configure time if you like.

> I'm new to the WebKit code base and my usual method of understanding
> these things is to figure out roughly where the code is that handles
> the functionality in question, insert a gdb break point, and examine
> back traces.
> However I'm having trouble compiling with debug info (./configure
> --enable-debug). Even with 16gb swap, ld fails with "Memory 
> exhausted"
> during linking.
> Any tips on how I can get around this?

Are you trying to build on a X0 laptop? Sounds like very ambitious.
I think you'd need lots of RAM (8G recommended) and use the GNU Gold 


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