[webkit-gtk] Ogg media support questions / compiling with debug enabled

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Thu Jun 14 08:55:37 PDT 2012


I'm trying to answer the following questions:

- Does WebKit's inbuilt ogg theora support use Xv for video playback?
- How can the inbuilt theora support be made to fill the screen when
accessed from a <a type="application/ogg">foo</a> link? Right now it
renders small, leaving most of the screen unused.
- Why don't the vorbis audio controls (play/stop/etc) appear on OLPC
XO laptops? (I think they appear, but 1 pixel in height)
- Can the inbuilt ogg support be disabled, so that we fallback to the
browser plugin provided by totem which doesn't have any of these

I'm new to the WebKit code base and my usual method of understanding
these things is to figure out roughly where the code is that handles
the functionality in question, insert a gdb break point, and examine
back traces.

However I'm having trouble compiling with debug info (./configure
--enable-debug). Even with 16gb swap, ld fails with "Memory exhausted"
during linking.

Any tips on how I can get around this?


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