[webkit-gtk] WebKit 2 search API proposal

Sergio Villar Senin svillar at igalia.com
Mon Jan 9 04:59:50 PST 2012

En 26/12/11 14:17, Carlos Garcia Campos escribiu:
>> >  - WebKitWebFindClient webkit_web_view_get_find_client()
>> >  - void webkit_web_view_get_find_client(WebKitWebFindClient)
> I guess this would be set_find_client.
> I would avoid using FindClient this way, we are indeed removing
> LoaderClient object. I like the idea of using a separate object, but I
> would do something similar to the downloads API.

The only doubt I have about this approach is when to actually trigger 
the text search. Note that results will be provided using signals. If 
the webview starts the search before returning the WebKitFind object 
there is no guarantee that we will not loose any signal emission. On the 
other hand having a webkit_web_view_find_text() + webkit_find_find() 
(with the WebKitFind object starting the search) looks awkward to me too.


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