[webkit-gtk] WebKit 2 search API proposal

Sergio Villar Senin svillar at igalia.com
Wed Jan 4 03:38:19 PST 2012

En 26/12/11 17:19, Martin Robinson escribiu:
>>> - webkit_web_find_client_search (string, flags)
>>>  + signals
>>>    + found-string(string, match_count)
>>>    + find-error(string)
>>>    + matches-count(string, match_count)
> I like the set of signals you've defined here, but perhaps the names
> could be similar to the C API. For instance, consider:
> * found-string
> * failed-to-find-string
> * counted-matches

Well I just tried to give it more gnomish names but I don't have a
strong opinion here.

Anyway, I was wondering, since the WebKitFind object will wrap all the
info related to the search I think we do not need any extra argument in
the signals as the client will get the WebKitFind and could request the
required info. We would need something like:

+ webkit_find_get_search_string()
+ webkit_find_get_matches()


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