[webkit-gtk] NetworkRequest and NetworkResponse in WebKit2 API

Gustavo Noronha Silva gns at gnome.org
Mon Nov 21 08:28:00 PST 2011

On Tue, 2011-11-15 at 12:26 +0100, Carlos Garcia Campos wrote:
> El mar, 15-11-2011 a las 11:46 +0100, Sergio Villar Senin escribió:
> > En 15/11/11 11:08, Carlos Garcia Campos escribiu:
> > > I'm currently working on downloads API for WebKit2 and I need to expose
> > > NetworkResponse which is not wrapped in WebKit2 API yet. In WebKit1 we
> > > have WebKitNetworkRequest and WebKitNetworkResponse, which are mostly
> > > the same because a SoupMessage represents both a request and response.
> > > So, both NetworkRequest and NetworkResponse are just a URI and a
> > > SoupMessage. Thinking about how to expose them in WebKit2 API several
> > > ideas came to my mind:
> > 
> > In general I'd avoid exposing the SoupMessage basically because ideally
> > we will not need it in the future as it would become just an
> > implementation detail of the new libsoup stream API.
> Also SoupMessageFlaggs and soupMessageHeaders? in that case we would
> need to go with the second approach and wrap everything else too.

+1 to this approach; it is the most flexible and the least confusing.
The idea of handing the actual Soup objects to the browser seemed great
to me when I started down that path, but it turned out to be really
difficult to make it work.

The process boundaries give us more incentives not to try. Having our
own objects also allows us to give and receive any kind of information
we need to provide/obtain in the future.

Cheers =)

Gustavo Noronha Silva <gns at gnome.org>
GNOME Project

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