[webkit-gtk] 1.4.1 - CLOSE_WAIT

Marco Peereboom slash at peereboom.us
Mon Jun 27 09:30:07 PDT 2011

On Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 12:19:08PM -0400, Dan Winship wrote:
> On 06/24/2011 04:49 PM, David Hill wrote:
> > When using a browser with WebkitGTk 1.4.1, I get a lot of CLOSE_WAITs
> > sitting around.  Does Webkit open up sockets itself, or does it solely
> > use libsoup to do the web connections?
> This is one of the leftover bits of historical lameness in libsoup. It
> doesn't pay attention to persistent connections when they're idle. So if
> the server times out a connection and closes it, it will show up in
> CLOSE_WAIT on the client for a while. Libsoup will only notice it when
> either you try to connect to that server again, or if it hits the
> maximum-number-of-open-connections limit.

Actually I don't think this number is honored at all.  When I set max
connections to 10 I see like 68 open file descriptors in one of my tests
(open a browser with a bunch of tabs).  I suspect that issues I see
using webkit 1.4 are mostly related to file descriptor starvation.  I
did not have this issue at all with the 1.2 tree.  The symptoms I see
are crashes, misrendered web pages, missing CSS, missing favicon,
missing pictures etc.

I am running some more tests before I can make a more educated
assessment but if someone has a clue bat I'll take it.

Would merging these patches help?

> -- Dan
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