[webkit-gtk] webkit gtk webinspector

Gustavo Noronha Silva gns at gnome.org
Tue Dec 6 11:17:54 PST 2011


On Wed, 2011-12-07 at 01:04 +0900, zhen ye gan wrote:

> I think it's because of InspectorClientGtk.cpp where
> g_signal_emit_by_name returned NULL to the inspectorWebView.
> My question is why does it return a null value and how do i solve it?

We expect the browser to handle the inspect-web-view signal to create
the new WebKitWebView, and return it. You can look at how Epiphany does
this, for instance. In the WebKit2 API we are looking for ways to
provide default handlers which would make things work regardless of
browser intervention.


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