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zhen ye gan zy_gan at msn.com
Tue Dec 6 08:04:38 PST 2011

I've compiled a webkit gtk with the stable release code from webkitgtk+ (webkit-1.6.1) on Ubuntu 11.10.I launched the GtkLauncher with --enable-developer-extras=true, but when i clicked on the inspect element button, nothing came out.
I think it's because of InspectorClientGtk.cpp where g_signal_emit_by_name returned NULL to the inspectorWebView.
    WebKitWebView* inspectorWebView = 0;    g_signal_emit_by_name(webInspector, "inspect-web-view", m_inspectedWebView, &inspectorWebView);
    if (!inspectorWebView) {        g_object_unref(webInspector);        return;    }
My question is why does it return a null value and how do i solve it?
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