[webkit-gtk] What supposed to hold the GDK in calls from WebKit/gtk/WebCoreSupport

Yehouda Harpaz yeh at lispworks.com
Tue Aug 23 03:17:43 PDT 2011

>  > You can grab the gdk lock upon entry to the callbacks that you
>  > register with libsoup.
>  Just to confirm, this is exactly the right answer, and applies not just
>  to libsoup, but to all main loop callbacks that don't arise out of gdk
>  event processing. (Eg, gio async callbacks, glib idle handlers and
>  timeouts, etc.).

That is the right solution if all of Webkit is supposed to be inside gdk
lock. Is this the case? 

At the moment signals on WebKitWebView are also coming without a lock,

Presumably that the same issue.

If all of Webkit is supposed to be locked, then apart from fixing the
code it I think it also needs to be clarified in the
documentation. Peeking at random, does a call
webkit_network_request_get_uri needs to be inside GDK lock? We lock
around all such calls, but it is not obvious from the documentation.

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