[webkit-gtk] What supposed to hold the GDK in calls from WebKit/gtk/WebCoreSupport

Yehouda Harpaz yeh at lispworks.com
Tue Aug 23 03:10:57 PDT 2011

>  > You can grab the gdk lock upon entry to the callbacks that you
>  > register with libsoup.
>  Just to confirm, this is exactly the right answer, and applies not just
>  to libsoup, but to all main loop callbacks that don't arise out of gdk
>  event processing. (Eg, gio async callbacks, glib idle handlers and
>  timeouts, etc.).

That is the right solution if all of Webkit is supposed to be inside gdk
lock, Is this the case? 

If so, then apart from fixing the code it I think it also needs to be
clarified in the documentation. Peeking at random, does a call
webkit_network_request_get_uri needs to be inside GDK lock? We lock
around all such calls, but it is not obvious from the documentation. 

At the moment signals on WebKitWebView are also coming without a lock,

Is it also a bug? 

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