[webkit-gtk] Problem in Segmentation fault and building feature option

Martin Robinson mrobinson at webkit.org
Thu Aug 18 07:48:53 PDT 2011

2011/8/17 梦断代码 <xujiekoo at qq.com>:

> ** Message: console message: http://www.jusco.cn/ @229: ReferenceError:
> Can't find variable: imgzoom
> Segmentation fault

Please build WebKit with debugging symbols (--enable-debug) and then
generate a stack trace. The stack trace should make it easier to fix
the bug. For instructions about generating a stack trace see:

Another important piece of information is what version of WebKitGTK+
you are using.

> 2 I use "Tools/Scripts/build-webkit" script to build gtk webkit. Why there
> are less feature option       than why I use ./configure. So, I can't enable
> some featrue, can only like that:

build-webkit is a script shared by all WebKit ports. It does not have
features that are specific to WebKitGTK+.


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