[webkit-gtk] Problem in Segmentation fault and building feature option

梦断代码 xujiekoo at qq.com
Wed Aug 17 20:44:00 PDT 2011

 I occured a problem like that:
 1 when I open the url "http://www.jusco.cn/":
 ** (test_webkit:6815): DEBUG: NP_Initialize
** (test_webkit:6815): DEBUG: NP_Initialize succeeded
** (test_webkit:6815): DEBUG: NP_Initialize
** (test_webkit:6815): DEBUG: NP_Initialize succeeded
** (test_webkit:6815): DEBUG: NP_Initialize
** (test_webkit:6815): DEBUG: NP_Initialize succeeded
** (test_webkit:6815): DEBUG: NP_Initialize
** (test_webkit:6815): DEBUG: NP_Initialize succeeded
 ** Message: console message: http://www.jusco.cn/ @229: ReferenceError: Can't find variable: imgzoom
 Segmentation fault
 It like got error when run javascript, can anybody help me?
 Can Enabling some feature  fixed that?
 You can go for a test.
 2 I use "Tools/Scripts/build-webkit" script to build gtk webkit. Why there are less feature option       than why I use ./configure. So, I can't enable some featrue, can only like that:
 WebKit was configured with the following options:
Build configuration:
 Enable debugging (slow)                                  : yes
 Enable GCC build optimization                            : no
 Code coverage support                                    : yes
 Unicode backend                                          : icu
 Font backend                                             : freetype
 Optimized memory allocator                               : no
 3D Transforms                                            : no
 WebGL                                                    : no
 Blob support                                             : yes
 Directory upload                                         : yes
 Fast Mobile Scrolling                                    : no
 JIT compilation                                          : yes
 Filters support                                          : yes
 Geolocation support                                      : yes
 Client-based geolocation support                         : no
 JavaScript debugger/profiler support                     : yes
 MathML support                                           : yes
 Media statistics                                         : yes
 HTML5 offline web applications support                   : yes
 HTML5 channel messaging support                          : yes
 HTML5 meter element support                              : yes
 Page Visibility API support                              : yes
 HTML5 progress element support                           : yes
 HTML5 client-side session and persistent storage support : yes
 HTML5 client-side database storage support               : yes
 HTML5 datagrid support                                   : no
 HTML5 data transfer items support                        : yes
 HTML5 FileSystem API support                             : yes
 Quota API support                                        : yes
 HTML5 sandboxed iframe support                           : yes
 HTML5 server-sent events support                         : yes
 HTML5 video element support                              : yes
 HTML5 track element support                              : yes
 Fullscreen API support                                   : yes
 Icon database support                                    : yes
 Image resizer support                                    : no
 Link prefetch support                                    : yes
 Opcode stats                                             : no
 SharedWorkers support                                    : yes
 Color input support                                      : yes
 Speech input support                                     : yes
 SVG support                                              : yes
 SVG animation support                                    : yes
 SVG fonts support                                        : yes
 SVG foreign object support                               : yes
 SVG as image support                                     : yes
 SVG use element support                                  : yes
 WCSS support                                             : yes
 Web Audio support                                        : yes
 Web Sockets support                                      : yes
 Web Timing support                                       : yes
 Web Workers support                                      : yes
 XHTML-MP support                                         : yes
 XPATH support                                            : yes
 XSLT support                                             : yes
 Spellcheck support                                       : yes
 Animation API                                            : yes
 GTK+ configuration:
 GTK+ version                                             : 2.0
 GDK target                                               : x11
 Hildon UI extensions                                     : no
 Introspection support                                    : no
 WebKit2 support                                          : no
 WebKit2 plugin process                                   : no
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