[webkit-gtk] Webkit introspection experiments with Python

Gabriel Jacobo gabomdq at gmail.com
Mon Sep 6 10:02:20 PDT 2010

On Lun 06 Sep 2010 13:39:59 Xan escribió:

> Some of the issues you mention (GTK+ changes) are already fixed in
> trunk, others (the introspection ones) aren't. In any case it's always
> a good idea to push the patches you do to us, tracking upstream
> changes is part of our work.

I'd like to do that, do I fill a bug report or send them attached here? 

> I have no idea why the events are not working for you, but a trivial
> example done in C works perfectly well (http://pastebin.com/U5gtbvXt).
> A random guess is that you are using the wrong signal, load-finished
> (on top of being deprecated) does not tell you whether the DOM has
> been fully created and you might be interacting with it in a broken
> state. Try 'document-load-finished'.

Thanks for the tip.

> In the interest of fairness, DOM events were never implemented in the
> original patch sent upstream, so I didn't remove anything regarding
> this from there (maybe you were confused by the EventListener comment
> in the new bug, this is unrelated). The support for DOM events was
> done by me from scratch after the useful bits from the original patch
> were merged.

I'm now clear on that, thanks a lot for your efforts by the way!


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