[webkit-gtk] HTTP disk-cache support in multiprocess environment, bug 44261

singhGajendra singh rawatgg at gmail.com
Tue Oct 12 22:35:01 PDT 2010

Hi, All.
Just gone through patch submitted for Bug#44261(
https://bugs.webkit.org/attachment.cgi?id=69810&action=prettypatch), which
provides HTTP disk-cache support for GTK port. I would like to clear some of
the doubts regarding my understanding .
Please correct me where I found to be wrong.

1) Per session one WebKitSoupCache is supported.
2) Applications have a choice to set different cache location, i.e two
different application can set their own Cache.
3) Cache can be shared and private.

Now my doubt goes below:
*Doubt::* two applications say X and Y(linked with webkit) shares same cache
location, and both applications are running ,  each one would create its own
WebKitSoupCache and loads "Soup.cache" file to create meta data.
 Now If X and Y load same pages then how the synchronization would happen in
in-memory data of WebKitSoupCache.
 I have pointed out some of the use cases where Sync is required.
1) X loads a page(url1)  and writes data into cache, and now if Y tries to
load same page, it won't take benefit of loading from cache, but would load
from network, as Y has already created it's WebkitSoupCache meta data, which
doesn't have this info.

2) Let say some page is already in cache, and then both X and Y get started,
so both would have meta info of  cache page in their WebkitSoupCahe, but if
X deletes the page as its cache size gets beyond the MAX limit(50MB) then
cache info of Y stored in webkitSoupCache would be invalid.

Please let me know you guys valuable comments/suggestions on this.
Thanks a lot in advance..

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