[webkit-gtk] Fwd: Using V8 as the JavaScript engine in Epiphany

Ryan Oram ryan at infinityos.net
Sun May 30 19:29:41 PDT 2010

On Sun, May 30, 2010 at 1:24 PM, Gustavo Noronha Silva <gns at gnome.org> wrote:
> The web site listens for 'size changed' DOM events, and forces a reload,
> which is _dumb_. So, I understand why you could think switching to V8
> would help, but:
> 1. we already have the 'support of a company' in the engine we use -
> apple is usually very careful with maintaining Linux support working
> 2. we would have to do tons of work to switch to V8, for no good reason
> at all
> So, if you want to help with this kind of thing, please move the focus
> to where the problem really is, and stop caring about JS engines already
> =D

It was only a suggestion (that admittedly got mentioned a few times
too many). I have filled three bugs in reference to the issues I
reported (the Slashdot bug has been fixed on Slashdot's side).

[GTK] Post editing doesn't work on vBulletin forums -
[GTK] Quick Reply double posts on vBulletin forums -
[GTK] Grey box flashes on left hand side of AVSForums -

These bugs are the last things that are keeping me from switching to
Epiphany completely (I despise the font rendering in Firefox, but
these issues have forced me to use Firefox for the forums for the
forums I frequent). :P

Thank you for your great work,

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