[webkit-gtk] webkit-gtk Digest, Vol 4, Issue 3

Jean-Philippe Chancelier jpc at cermics.enpc.fr
Tue Oct 6 03:36:42 PDT 2009

    Phil> I basically disable everything unless I really need it.  Since I want
    Phil> to use webkit as an embedded html engine to replace gtkhtml, I don't
    Phil> Did you build your own version of icu?  The one I downloaded is for
    Phil> MSVC9 and has just .def and .lib files.  The mingw32 linker isn't
    Phil> happy.

    1/ It's easy to rebuild a dll.a for the mingw32 linker 
    from the dll and def file

    dlltool -D xxx.dll -d xxx.def -l xxxdll.a

    if you do not have the def file you can recreate 
    one with pexports.

    pexports.exe $1.dll > $1.def 
    dlltool --def $1.def --dllname $1.dll --output-lib $1.dll.a

    I use the icu4c-4_2_1 from msvc9 + dll.a recreated as above 
    I also have my own cross compiled icu4c-4_2_1 but started 
    from the msvc9 thinking that mine could induce troubles. 

    2/ which version of glib do you use ? 
    I use   glib_2.22.0-1_win32.zip but have seen that 
    glib_2.22.1-1_win32.zip  was available with 
    a BUG correction in 
       596314 g_utf16_to_utf8 returns an invalid UTF8 string
    which is maybe an important change for us since 
    EditorClientGtk.cpp uses this function.


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