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Phil Longstaff plongstaff at rogers.com
Mon Oct 5 07:45:24 PDT 2009

I'm currently using a binary built on 1.1.5.  I got the link from a bug logged on webkit.org.  There are a number of issues:

1) doesn't display files opened with file://
2) when I display a page with embedded css, it displays OK, but prints really small.  Perhaps it's confusing pt and px i.e. 10 pt as 10 px when printing.

I'm just trying to build a more up-to-date version.  Unfortunately, I haven't found official webkit/gtk/win32 binaries.  My build machine is ubuntu running a fedora 11 VM with all of the mingw packages.  I also have a winxp VM with mingw compiler and other win32/gtk  As I make changes to get things to compile, I'm submitting the patches, hoping someone will collect and apply them.  Some of the changes aren't good i.e. comment out a section for now.  I'd be happy to work with anyone who is also trying to get webkit/gtk/win32 to work to come up with official patches for webkit to include.


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>     Phil> I'm attaching a patch for WebCore/platform/FileSystem.h.  This patch
>     Phil> changes the order of some #if/#else/#elif so that when building
>     Phil> webkitgtk for win32, the gtk mechanisms (e.g. GModule) are used rather
>     Phil> than win32 mechanisms (e.g.  HMODULE).
>     Hello Phil,     I tried to build webkitgtk for win32 (webkit- now) and     posted last week a pb I had with the resulting test binary.
>     GtkLauncher.exe do not display the contents of files     opened with file://  but works with network files http:// .
>     The files seams to be properly found but the html rendering     do not work. Have you experienced the same pbs or not and have     you any clues ?     jpc

I also have the same problem with "file://" in
In earlier versions (1.1.11) avoided by commenting out line: client->didReceiveResponse(handle, response)
in: WebCore/platform/network/soup/ResourceHandleSoup.cpp
then "file://" load local html files but ignoring charset ie. rendering all files iso8859-1.
Hoped it will be fixed by now:-(

Seeing some reference to mime-database but can figure it out.

GTKLauncher compiled on Linux 64bit works ok, only the win32 version cross-compiled with mingw32 have this problem.

-- Josip
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