[webkit-efl] Changing the test expectations lookup sequence

Pozdnyakov, Mikhail mikhail.pozdnyakov at intel.com
Thu Mar 7 05:38:00 PST 2013

Hi Thiago,

Makes sense to me. Think it's good.


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Hi EWebkitters,

Currently on the EFL WK2 port, the lookup sequence for test
expectations is "efl-wk2 -> wk2 -> efl -> generic".

The "efl" part of this sequence is shared between EFL WebKit1 and EFL WebKit2.

I'm currently facing some challenges when gardening because of:

1. Currently we have some tests skipped (~90) on the "wk2"
expectations that have different expectations on "efl". It gives you
the impression that the test is running (because is marked as [
Failure ] when in fact is being skipped because "wk2" has precedence.
The flakiness dashboard also gets confused about it and gives a false

2. Removing or adding a file to the shared expectation requires
testing on both ports, which IMO is a heavy burden.

3. I'm trying to remove from the flaky list some tests that are now
considered stable (no failures on the past 100 runs). Because of the
shared expectations, I will have to analyse the results of one extra
bot, even though I have no intentions of doing gardening for WebKit1.

I would like to suggest changing the lookup sequence to "efl-wk2 ->
wk2 -> generic", so we can make EFL WK2 port completely independent.

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