[webkit-efl] Moving the EFL WebKit2 public APIs to outside WebKit2 directory

Alexis Menard alexis at webkit.org
Mon Jan 21 09:03:22 PST 2013

On Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 1:48 PM, Thiago Marcos P. Santos
<tmpsantos at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Ewkitters,


> The recent changes on the reviewing policy for the code located inside
> Source/WebKit2 directory has been affecting the speed of how the EFL
> port moves forward. The additional burden for the WebKit2 Owners to
> review code from all the the ports has obviously its implications. We
> have red bots for days because of pending patches.
> We can minimize this overhead and let the WebKit2 Owners focus on
> reviewing the core components by moving the EFL WK2 public API and
> unit tests to outside the Source/WebKit2 directory. The best place I
> see would be Source/Platform/efl, which will be consistent with how
> the Chromium API files are placed inside the WebKit tree.
> This is the directory structure I'm proposing (using Chromium as role model):
> Source/WebKit2/UIProcess/API/efl/ (public headers) -> Source/Platform/efl/public
> Source/WebKit2/UIProcess/API/efl/ (the rest) -> Source/Platform/efl/src

Quick question, how long do you think we will be able to rely on WebKit2/?

It seems a temporary solution which does not fix the root issue.

For example take your patch about seccomp filters, do you think you'll
be able to move forward freely? It also work for the sandbox that
Renata is working on.

I've heard GTK have now problems with their public API.

Question is : Do we think we can actually move forward with WebKit2
and the lockdown ?

Other than that the name Platform is not good as efl is not a
platform, neither GTK, neither Qt (Qt in fact target multiple

But unbreaking the mess is good initiative, thanks.

> Note that we are initially moving _only_ the API and utests. Other
> things, which are probably 5% of what is left of EFL code, can be
> moved later if needed.
> Comments anyone? I'm volunteering myself for the task.
> Cheers,
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