[webkit-efl] Deprecating WebKit EFL 1

Christophe Dumez christophe.dumez at intel.com
Tue Oct 30 09:10:09 PDT 2012


> There are lots of concerns from EFL developers (me included) on how
> the development of WebKit-EFL is being done. The API of webkit2 even
> not being fully supported by EFL, as contrary to webkit1. There's only
> 1 developer that seemed to care and started to send patches to
> elm-web, so webkit2 can be fully supported.
> No surprise there was feedback asking for clarifications and why a
> simpler api couldn't be used. Now you come and say WebKit1 is being
> deprecated.  -1000 here, until the day webkit2 gets fully supported in
> EFL and you start to interact more with EFL devs.

The proposed date for dropping WK1 EFL from upstream is 8 month away. I think this
gives a reasonable amount of time for people currently relying on WK1 EFL to port their code to WK2 EFL.
If anything, this should motivate people to make sure all the components work with WK2 EFL.

About interaction with EFL developers, I don't think we have any problem answering questions related
to WebKit EFL (via this mailing list or the IRC channel) or fix bugs filed upstream against WebKit EFL.

> On a side node, being a former contributor to webkit-efl, I shrugged
> with recent webkit revisions in which we refuse do depend and use EFL
> infra but we are now depending on several third-party non-released
> libraries. No matter what jhbuild can do for devs we should be using
> more of EFL, not less.

I'm not sure what you're referring to. From what I've seen, we are relying more and more
on EFL, not the opposite.

Christophe Dumez
Linux Software Engineer, PhD
Intel Finland Oy - Open Source Technology Center

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