[webkit-efl] Deprecating WebKit EFL 1

Thiago Marcos P. Santos tmpsantos at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 08:08:46 PDT 2012

Nowadays, most of the development is happening on EWK2. Maybe is time
to trace some plans and discuss about when and how to deprecate the

Maintaining 2 APIs is like working on two different ports. You have
more bots to do gardening, more tests to run before submitting a
patch, more issues to solve, more APIs to document and write unit
tests. EFL has a small community of developers, focusing on a single
API will make us go faster and with more quality.

What I'm suggesting is:

- Announce (formal announcement here and EFL-dev) that EWK1 will be
considered deprecated and thus, feature frozen, starting from
- Remove any EWK1 bot on 15/may/2013.
- Remove it from the trunk on 01/jun/2013.

Cheers and please comment.

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