[webkit-efl] Use of pimpl idiom for Ewk classes

Pozdnyakov, Mikhail mikhail.pozdnyakov at intel.com
Thu Oct 18 11:04:05 PDT 2012


Pimpl has its advantages, however think we should come up to the solution where all the object functionality is encapsulated 
in one C++ class exposing both private and public interfaces and C API functions are just
wrapping around class methods. Think it is simpler and looks more natural.
So approach #2 I guess..


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I have updated the Ewk_Download class based on the alternative mentioned by Thiago and updated a patch here for comparison:
(pimpl patch is still at https://bugs.webkit.org/attachment.cgi?id=169402&action=prettypatch)

One possible issue that I noticed with this approach is that we need to use "const char*" instead of "String" type in our C++ methods API due to Eina string sharing. This is a bit unfortunate since C++ code uses String type in WebKit.

As I said in my previous email, we also need to write a lot more C++ methods than with the pimpl approach. It will be a lot more work to refactor all Ewk classes.
This approach however has the benefit of being of simpler design (no macros, C++ methods can access members directly without dereferencing a pointer).

I'm personally open to both approaches so I'd like to hear others' opinion.

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