[webkit-efl] webkit-efl Digest, Vol 16, Issue 16

Krzysztof Czech k.czech at samsung.com
Fri Oct 12 01:45:12 PDT 2012

Basically neither ATK nor AT-SPI depends on each other. There is another 
layer between them.
This layer is ATK-BRIDGE (also called atk-adaptor). It handles D-Bus 
communication between ATK and AT-SPI2.
Generally D-Bus is also used as transport layer between AT-SPI2 and 
AT(screen readers etc.)
ATK-BRIDGE seemed to be also standalone library that can be used in EFL 

Regarding QT, they seem platform-neutral, maybe they do not directly use 
AT-SPI but there is also a layer/interface QAccessible,
that handles D-Bus communication.

Those three components (atk, atk-bridge, at-spi2) form one of the ways 
to have accessibility in Linux platform.
I observed problems in EFL regarding using of ATK. Generally at the 
beginning we'd like to make a first step and add
support for WebKit-EFL. I think porting of ATK-BRIDGE and AT-SPI2 is not 
mandatory on this level.


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>     1. Re: Support for WAI-ARIA standard. (Raphael Kubo da Costa)
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> Krzysztof Czech <k.czech at samsung.com> writes:
>> We consider usage of Accessible Toolkit (ATK) library. ATK describes
>> sets of independent
>> interfaces that can be adopted by application's widgets to be accessible.
>> What are pros and cons of such a solution.
> Please consider I'm a complete layman in terms of accessibility. What's
> the relationship between ATK and at-spi2? Is the latter used by the
> former? I remember at least Qt is using at-spi directly, so it seems to
> be more platform-neutral than ATK itself.
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