[webkit-efl] Porting MiniBrowser to Elementary

Dumez, Christophe christophe.dumez at intel.com
Tue Oct 9 09:30:30 PDT 2012


I'm writing to notify WebKit2 EFL developers that I am porting MiniBrowser
to Elementary [1] and my patch is almost ready for review.

MiniBrowser is an application and Elementary brings a lot of functionality
(widgets, layouts, dialogs, ...) that is extremely useful to applications.
The idea is to bring Elementary as an optional dependency and build
MiniBrowser only if Elementary library is found.

My initial patch will not add any new controls and will simply port the
existing code to Elementary. This will make the code simpler though the use
of layouts and an Elementary Entry widget for the URL bar.
As a side effect, the URL bar will finally supports copy / paste.

In the near future, Elementary will help bring more functionality such as:
- Back / Refresh / Home buttons
- Alert / Prompt / Confirmation windows
- Tabs
- ...

Please tell me if you have any feedback regarding this change.

[1] http://docs.enlightenment.org/auto/elementary/index.html

Christophe Dumez
Linux Software Engineer, PhD
Intel Finland Oy - Open Source Technology Center
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