[webkit-efl] How about switching backing store of DRT to single?

ryuan Choi ryuan.choi at gmail.com
Fri Oct 5 07:51:47 PDT 2012

Dear webkit-efl developers,

I want your opinion about switching default backing store of
DRT(DumpRenderTree/Efl) to `single` instead of `tiled`.
Now, default is `tiled` and DRT_USE_SINGLE_BACKING_STORE environment is
used to switch.

As you may know, DRT/Efl can not pass some pixel tests.
Although it is because of many bugs, I think that one of major reason is
that DRT/Efl calls paint() directly instead of capturing.

So I created https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=79853 but it was
reverted because of many regressions.
In my poor analyze, webkit/efl can not capture the webivew now because
webkit/efl does not draw mockScrollbar as calling paintContents() instead
of paint()

One simple solution is adding logic to paint scrollbar
in _ewk_view_tiled_render_cb (ewk_view_tiled.cpp)
But, I am not sure that painting scrollbar for DRT in tile is reasonable.
When we designed tiled backingstore, we focused performance and I think
that painting scrollbar is not a role of tile.

Instead, I suggest using ewk_view_single for DRT.
ewk_view_single is simple and similar with other ports.

I think that ewk_view_single is more suitable for layout test.
Could you let me know your opinion?

Ryuan Choi
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