[webkit-efl] Few change suggestions in EFL port

Tomasz Morawski t.morawski at samsung.com
Fri Apr 20 00:59:38 PDT 2012

I would like to ask if anyone have some comment about this topic?

Thank you,
Tomasz Morawski

> Hello,
> I would like to propose changes related to some aspect of c programming
> style used in our EFL WebKit port that could make our port more
> consistent with other WebKit port like Gtk and Qt. Currently, we are
> trying to follow some EFL libraries programming style that hides
> structures declaration inside cpp files and use one single private
> header file. I know that it works inside EFL's libraries but the our
> WebKit port it is not and it will never be typical EFL's library. I
> think current solution doesn't work well for example: overgrown files
> like ewk_view.h/cpp, ewk_frame.h/cpp files and ewk_private.h file, a lot
> of unneeded public API that is used only by internal WebKit tools (like
> DRT) but it will be never uses by final user. Moreover, there is a lot
> of programmers that would like to cleanup this mess and have more
> readable port architecture.
> I suggest to:
> 1) Allow to define ewk_*_private.h files when it is needed and use it
> internally like Gtk, Qt port does. It is possible to use ewk_*_private.h
> files by internal test application: the DRT tree or
> other tests.
> 2) Move structures form cpp files to corresponding private header files
> (approach like Gtk and typical for c programming)
> 3) Move private function from ewk_private.h to corresponding private
> header files and delete this file (more objective)
> After that:
> 4) Simplify and remove some code that will be no need after this
> refactor (some code is only for handling private by force structures).
> 5) Reduce size of ewk_frame.h/cpp and ewk_view.h/cpp files by moving
> some declaration to ewk_*_private.h
> 6) We will follow typical for WebKit's port architecture like qt, gtk
> port do (they use private file widely). Due to that the port code
> organization will be more familiar for gtk reviewers and newcomer
> programmer.
> What you think about this?
> Best Regards,
> Tomasz Morawski
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