[webkit-efl] I want to change *.c to *.cpp

Ryuan Choi ryuan.choi at samsung.com
Fri Sep 23 23:58:20 PDT 2011

> > Do you really need the extern "C" declarations in the headers? This code
> will only be used by C++ files.
> Yes, I need it.
> If not, it makes linking errors. 

I realize that this is because ewk_tiled_backing_store declare extern "C".
I removed.

> >
> > And I dislike using typeof here, as it will really break the build for
> > anything that is not gcc or clang. I suggest getting rid of the macros
> > (you could even turn them into proper template functions) or passing
> > another parameter to them specifying the data type.
> I agree, I'll remove those macro.
> I thought that I'll prepare next bug for this bug to be focused renaming.

Update like you mentioned.
please see attached file.

> > Or, taking another step back, is this all really needed? We are have to
> > make so many adjustments to make code which is clearly C code into an
> > uglified C++ version, and IIRC the reason given for that was some kind
> > of #include problem. Couldn't we fix that instead of spending so much
> > effort into this?
> Previous bug is for #include problem. so that I didn't touch other c files.
> But now, we are in phase to improve WebKit/efl code quality.
> Because we need to change our tiled backing store until we decide whether we use WebCore version,
> We need reviewer's help and these cleanup will help them review easily.
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