[webkit-efl] Issues from static program analysis tool(s)

Kangil Han kangil.han at samsung.com
Thu Jul 28 00:24:02 PDT 2011

Dear EFL developers,
I am writing this to hear your voices on the issues from static program
analysis tool.
'Coverity Static Analysis' can be a tool of those.
For example, lately I've got a below report.
There should be null check for 'o' in 'EWK_VIEW_SD_GET(o, ptr)' macro.
This is the whole source code for this macro.
#define EWK_VIEW_SD_GET(o, ptr)                                 \
    Ewk_View_Smart_Data* ptr =
If we only look at this macro, report seems clear.
But, when it comes to look at 'evas_object_smart_data_get' function, this
point is not so clear.
This is because 'evas_object_smart_data_get' function can handle NULL
argument of 'o'.
However, if we should have strict view in programming, this report makes
I am looking forward to hearing your opinion on handling this kind of stuff.
Thanks and regards,
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