[webkit-dev] ChangeLog Deprecation Plans

Michael Catanzaro mcatanzaro at gnome.org
Mon Apr 18 12:51:52 PDT 2022

On Mon, Apr 18 2022 at 08:30:04 AM -0700, Jonathan Bedard via 
webkit-dev <webkit-dev at lists.webkit.org> wrote:
> 2) We need a way to comment on commit messages in review
> 	Current tooling sets the pull request description as the commit 
> message, “Quote Reply” kind of provides a way to inline comment, 
> although it’s not the formal review UI
> 	Proposal: Tooling should support a “COMMIT_MESSAGE” file in each 
> pull request commit that becomes COMMIT_MESSAGE when a pull request 
> is landed

Although it's inconvenient that we won't be able to leave inline 
comments on commit messages anymore, is that really so serious a loss 
that it requires a strange workaround? It just doesn't seem like a very 
big deal? We can copy and paste and quote when we suggest changes in 
commit messages.

> 	Proposal: Have Tools/Scripts/git-webkit setup configure hooks in 
> contributors local git repositories to lay down 
> CommitMessages.history files on merge, checkout and commit which 
> contain the last 5000 commit messages. We can put these in similar 
> places to where ChangeLogs are today, although we would likely want 
> them in fewer places because this will increase local compute time on 
> many git operations. We could also make this a configurable setting 
> so that engineers who are more comfortable with the raw command line 
> tooling do not have to deal with slower git operations.

What's wrong with `git log`?

There are GUI apps that can visualize your git history if so desired, 
e.g. GNOME has gitg.


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