[webkit-dev] WebKit Transition to Git

Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Thu Oct 15 12:49:22 PDT 2020

14.10.2020, 16:52, "Tetsuharu OHZEKI" <tetsuharu.ohzeki at gmail.com>:
> I feel from this discussion that everybody has their own best way and
> we’re tackling to resolve them at once in this migration process.
> I also feel it’s a bit difficult to conclude something.
> FWIW, I would like to write some my problems about the current
> workflow to help figure out
> what is a problem in the current workflow and what we should be
> resolved in this or other future process.
> This would not propose an actual solution, but I believe this would
> help to find a final solution and other people will also say your
> problems to help.
> 1. Code review tools
> WebKit Bugzilla’s code review tool is not a beautiful solution for today.
> I would like to get a preview for markdown file or syntax highlights.
> 2. Bug Tracking System
> I don’t feel a problem to use WebKit Bugzilla, and I doubt that using
> Bugzilla is really a problem to collect a feedback from the webdev
> community as other people said in this thread.
> However, I have some complaints…
> * I’d like to write markdown as a comment for bugs.

Why would you want to do that?

I think rich text in comments is evil, for the same reasons as HTML e-mail.

Yes, with markdown you won't often see unreadably colored text (what happens
with HTML e-mail), but still there is pretty much room for abuse of formatting
(to attract attention or just because they can), or accidental formatting when
non-markdown text is interpreted as markdown resulting in a total mess
(which inexperienced users cannot fix and leave as is).

BTW, GitHub recently added rich text UI controls to code review comments, so
even those who don't know markdown can start abusing formatting there now...


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