[webkit-dev] Generating compile_commands.json when building WebKit on MacOS

shrivatsa at firemail.cc shrivatsa at firemail.cc
Mon Jul 20 03:10:16 PDT 2020

Hi webkit-dev,

I'm trying to study the structure of web browsers in general and WebKit 
specifically for academic purposes. I found that using language servers 
that index compile_commands.json (clangd, ccls etc.) is a very good 
solution to navigate source code of extremely large projects, such as 

Unfortunately, I was only able to get compile_commands.json generated 
when I compiled with --jsc-only where the build is executed using cmake 
and not the perl script. Trying to pass --cmake as a build argument to 
build-webkit causes the build to fail pretty early for missing files 
(that I believe aren't open source).

To wrap it up, I wonder if there's a way to compile WebKit as a browser 
(and not just JavaScriptCore) and have compile_commands.json generated?

platform: osx
arch: x86_64
commit: 521d40b


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