[webkit-dev] Questions about JSC EWS queues

Guillaume Emont guijemont at igalia.com
Thu Sep 19 04:22:44 PDT 2019

Quoting Aakash Jain (2019-09-18 19:21:02)
> Hi All,
> I am working on moving JSC EWS queues from old EWS to new EWS. I am trying to
> clearly understand various JSC EWS queues. I have few questions:
> 1) What does 'jsc-only' port represent? From https://trac.webkit.org/browser/
> webkit/trunk/Tools/Scripts/webkitpy/common/config/ews.json#L45 it seems like
> Apple JSC EWS uses 'mac' port, while linux jsc EWSes use 'jsc-only' port. Is
> jsc-only port specific to linux? Is there a corresponding jsc port for mac?
> 2) Is there any difference between the three linux JSC EWSes (JSC i386, JSC
> MIPS32el, JSC Armv7) apart from the architecture and few queues running/
> skipping tests? 

I think the main difference is indeed the different architecture. There
is also the fact that the JSC i386 EWS runs the tests natively, but the
mips and armv7 EWSes cross-compile and run the tests on a set of remote

> 3) Where is the architecture for various linux JSC EWS queues configured in the
> old EWS code (e.g.: I don't see the architecture being added in https://
> trac.webkit.org/changeset/237001/webkit)? Is the queue configuration for
> various JSC EWS queues same, and the device connected to the queue actually
> decides the architecture?

I guess it's not defined anywhere indeed. The scripts that start the
queues for the arm and mips EWSes define a bunch of env variables to
point to the cross-compiler and also add a few options in
JSCTESTS_OPTIONS, such as a  --remote-config-file and --memory-limited.
I can share these scripts with you if you need more details.

Hope this helps.



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