[webkit-dev] Help regarding rendering in webkit2 port of haiku

Rajagopalan Gangadharan g.raju2000 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 9 23:04:55 PDT 2019

Hello everybody,

A quick look back on what we have done so far. We are trying to port
webkit2 to haiku and we have a working IPC with us. So the next step i
presume is to be rendering.

I did few amount of research and have few basic ideas. Correct me if I am

1) The rendering takes place in webprocess over a shared bitmap which is
then rendered onto the client area in UIProcess.

2) Webkit uses coordinated graphics system which relies on OPENGL.

So we look forward to get the rendering step done or is there anything we
should take care in between? .
Our platform doesnt have hardware accelerated OpenGL yet we have software
implementation vesa which we tend not to use.
We have a working texture mapper and compositing coordinator from our
webkit legacy port. I think this makes up the entire compositing

So it would be of great help if any tells how could we proceed like what
should be our next move. Perhaps a small guide would be better.

Thank you

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