[webkit-dev] dump-class-layout script not working

Simon Fraser simon.fraser at apple.com
Mon Nov 5 11:39:42 PST 2018

I assume you've actually done a debug build?

Your command line works for me:

 100$ $ ./Tools/Scripts/dump-class-layout --architecture=x86_64 -c Debug JavaScriptCore JSString
  +0 < 24> JSString
  +0 <  8>     JSC::JSCell JSC::JSCell
  +0 <  1>         JSC::HeapCell JSC::HeapCell
  +0 <  4>       JSC::StructureID m_structureID
  +4 <  1>       JSC::IndexingType m_indexingTypeAndMisc
  +5 <  1>       JSC::JSType m_type
  +6 <  1>       JSC::TypeInfo::InlineTypeFlags m_flags
  +7 <  1>       JSC::CellState m_cellState
  +8 <  4>   unsigned int m_length
 +12 <  2>   uint16_t m_flags
 +14 <  2>   <PADDING: 2 bytes>
 +16 <  8>     WTF::String m_value
 +16 <  8>         WTF::RefPtr<WTF::StringImpl, WTF::DumbPtrTraits<WTF::StringImpl> > m_impl
 +16 <  8>           WTF::DumbPtrTraits<WTF::StringImpl>::StorageType m_ptr
Total byte size: 24
Total pad bytes: 2
Padding percentage: 8.33 %

BTW you should never work on class layouts in debug builds, since they may be different from shipping.

There are some unit tests for dump-class-layout (they used to be run as part of webkitpy tests, but I think Dan changed that?). Do all the tests pass for you?


> On Nov 5, 2018, at 4:02 PM, Frank Jaeger <fjaeger77 at outlook.com> wrote:
> Hi Simon, thanks for your help. I am running the script on macOS Mojave 10.14 and I'm pretty sure I have the lldb python bindings installed. Or otherwise it should fail when importing them at the beginning of the script, right? From what I understood by reading the script's code, it is directly calling into the lldb binding to dump the class layout, and it's failing inside. 
> As I've said before, the error it gives me implies that the provided framework/class pair has not been found in the image, even though I am sure that the pair is valid and found in the image (e.g. JSC::JSString).
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> Oggetto: Re: [webkit-dev] dump-class-layout script not working
> Dump-class-layout uses the lldb python bindings. Maybe those are not available on your platform?
> I think we’ve only ever tried it on macOS. What platform are you trying on?
> Simon
>> On Nov 4, 2018, at 12:43 PM, Frank Jaeger <fjaeger77 at outlook.com <mailto:fjaeger77 at outlook.com>> wrote:
>> Hello. First of all I'm really sorry if this is the wrong mailing list to post to, webkit-help would have probably been better but it doesn't seem very active.
>> I run into some problems while trying to use the dump-class-layout script (found in Tools/Scripts/). I built WebKit using the build-webkit script with the --debug flag.
>> After building, I tried to run the dump-class-layout script with the following arguments:
>> ./Tools/Scripts/dump-class-layout --architecture=x86_64 -c Debug JavaScriptCore JSString
>> I also tried different frameworks and classes. The script always fails telling me that "no type matches x in y" where x is the class name I used in the run and y is the framework name.
>> Why is this happening? The script is correctly finding the built and symbolicated framework image, so why is it not working properly? Thanks in advance.
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