[webkit-dev] Is Win7 build broken in tests with large Arrays?

Caio Lima ticaiolima at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 05:19:14 PST 2018

Hi all.

I landed a BigInt Patch last week[1] and noticed that I introduced a
new fail into Win7 builds
(stress/big-int-constructor-gc.js.big-int-enabled for reference) and
investigating the issue, I could notice that there are other stress
tests failing (stress/big-match.js and stress/big-split.js) as well.
All these tests use large arrays and they are failing due to wrong
value returned when accessing such arrays. I don't have easy access to
Win7 machines to debug them, but I feel that these bugs are related
and is probably a issue related with large array access.

Is anyone already working on that? If yes, please send me the bug. If
no, Who could I ping to get support on Win7 builds?


[1] - https://trac.webkit.org/changeset/226338/webkit

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