[webkit-dev] Another WPT bite

Sam Weinig weinig at apple.com
Thu May 11 19:05:13 PDT 2017

> On May 8, 2017, at 9:31 PM, youenn fablet <youennf at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Discussing with some WebKittens, testharness.js is more and more used in WebKit.
> Is it time to make testharness.js the recommended way of writing LayoutTests?

I am in favor of this. If we simplified the question to some form of, “do we really need both testharness.js/testharnessreport.js and js-test-pre.js/js-test-post.js?” I am even more in favor, as having two test harnesses seems unnecessary, cumbersome and unfriendly to new contributors,

Do I think all tests should use testharness.js? No. Just as currently I don’t think all tests should use testharness.js/testharnessreport.js. But for many tests of new web platform features, it seems quite reasonable to start using this harness, as the benefits, which include a good feature set, easier interoperability with other browsers, and a reduced cost to upstreaming to web-platform-tests, out weigh the costs, leaning something new (there are probably other costs I am forgetting).

> To continue moving forward, some of us are proposing to serve all tests in LayoutTests/wpt through the WPT server [1].
> This would serve some purposes like increasing the use of WPT goodies: file-specific headers, templated tests (*.any.js), IDLParser, server-side scripts...
> It could also ease test migration from WebKit to W3C WPT.

This seems uncontroversial and great to me (which would make sense since I asked you if we could do it).  It’s just a new directory, like LayoutTests/http where we can put tests that use the WPT server.  

- Sam
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