[webkit-dev] Intent to remove the WebCore::IconDatabase (GTK needs to make a decision)

Carlos Garcia Campos carlosgc at webkit.org
Tue Jun 27 09:19:52 PDT 2017

El vie, 16-06-2017 a las 09:43 -0700, Brady Eidson escribió:
> > > If not, I can get rid of it right now
> > > 
> > > If so, then I need a GTK maintainer to come up with a plan soon.
> > 
> > How soon is soon? :-) We are approaching the end of our release
> > cycle,
> > it would be good for us if we could do any changes related to this
> > after we branch for 2.18. Of course I can branch earlier if needed.
> > According to our schedule we should branch the first week of
> > August. Is
> > that late?
> That’s much later than the soon I was targeting.
> Hoping to do this by the end of June.

Ok, I've found time today to work on this. I don't have time to re-
implement WebKitFaviconDatabase using a different database model, so
I've copied IconDatabase from WebCore to WebKit and used it directly
from WebKitFaviconDatabase. I've switched the client implementation to
API::IconLoadingClient too. So, I think you can just remove all the
WebCore and WebKit2 code after the patch lands.



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