[webkit-dev] WebKit opengl

Adrien Destugues pulkomandy at gmail.com
Wed Aug 2 06:04:43 PDT 2017

2017-08-02 14:43 GMT+02:00 Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri <barbieri at profusion.mobi>:

>> You are not going to get WebKit working with OpenGLES 1.1 unless you have an experienced engineer making large modifications to the source code. Instead, you should just turn off OpenGL/OpenGLES support. Just build with -DENABLE_OPENGL=OFF. It is optional, you just lose hardware acceleration. You should hopefully have no trouble with this.
>> If you have a requirement to use OpenGLES regardless, then you may need to reevaluate the feasibility of your project.
> Indeed... we did such port for a customer based on WebKit-EFL (now
> out-of-tree) and it worked, but was a major pain to get there due
> CoordinatedGraphics and TextureMapper being heavy on GL calls...
> however in our case it was software rendering only, no GL at all.

The Haiku port also uses no OpenGL. I have versions of
CoordinatedGraphics and TextureMapper extracted from old verisons of
WebKit which I maintain with the port (TextureMapperImageBuffer is the
entry point for that):

The commit which restores this may serve as a reference (but may not
apply directly to current sources):

Adrien Destugues / PulkoMandy

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