[webkit-dev] Fonts for WebKit tests on OS X?

Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Mon Mar 14 02:38:56 PDT 2016

14.03.2016, 11:00, "Frédéric WANG" <fred.wang at free.fr>:
> Le 13/03/2016 20:57, Darin Adler a écrit :
>>  I don’t think the size of the font files in the repository is a significant issue; are the sizes particularly huge compared to the total size of all the layout tests including expected results? If this was a problem, we could come up with some other way of having the test machinery download the fonts, but I think the complexity of that is not justified to solve a problem that may be a non-problem.
> My personal preference is to avoid putting (big) binary data inside
> revision control system and instead generate or fetch them during the
> build phase. Of course, sometimes you have to be pragmatic and it's more
> convenient / easier to just put them in the repo. That's what we do for
> example for the PNG test expectations, even though I don't like
> polluting the WebKit patches with base64 data :-)

I would also like to add that *changing* big binary data inside repository
will have more negative impact on git users that on svn users.

> In addition, as I mentioned the OpenType fonts use LaTeX Project Public
> License + Reserved Font Names and SIL OFL (copyleft + RFN) which may or
> may not be compatible/convenient with the license of the WebKit project.
> For example, I'm not even sure that with the current license of Latin
> Modern Math it is possible to create a WOFF version without renaming it...
>>  Aside from the size of the font files, it seems like we have at least three separate issues:
> Thanks, I think I basically agree with these three points. It seems that
> we went far away from my initial question (can we use custom fonts to
> run Mac tests?). So I guess the next step for me will be to open a new
> thread describing precisely the different features of MathML / Unicode /
> OpenType that are used by WebKit, which math fonts support them or not
> and what fallback we use or can use when math fonts are missing. Maybe
> I'll wait the MathML refactoring to land and/or STIX2 to be released
> before continuing the discussion.
> I'd just like to highlight that in my opinion the rule of thumb would be
> to treat math as other human languages (e.g. think to what happens with
> Asian or Arabic scripts, ruby markup, OpenType features for complex text
> layout etc). For example, just like normal text, CSS can be used on
> MathML to select a math font and WebKit has to do its best to render
> equations with that font or another system font and maybe finally a
> non-font fallback (Gecko even has an internal "math" language to let
> users customize the default and fallback fonts for MathML). The same
> idea applies to pre-installed system fonts or layout tests.
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