[webkit-dev] Fonts for WebKit tests on OS X?

Frédéric WANG fred.wang at free.fr
Mon Mar 14 00:59:50 PDT 2016

Le 13/03/2016 20:57, Darin Adler a écrit :
> I don’t think the size of the font files in the repository is a significant issue; are the sizes particularly huge compared to the total size of all the layout tests including expected results? If this was a problem, we could come up with some other way of having the test machinery download the fonts, but I think the complexity of that is not justified to solve a problem that may be a non-problem.
My personal preference is to avoid putting (big) binary data inside
revision control system and instead generate or fetch them during the
build phase. Of course, sometimes you have to be pragmatic and it's more
convenient / easier to just put them in the repo. That's what we do for
example for the PNG test expectations, even though I don't like
polluting the WebKit patches with base64 data :-)

In addition, as I mentioned the OpenType fonts use LaTeX Project Public
License + Reserved Font Names and SIL OFL (copyleft + RFN) which may or
may not be compatible/convenient with the license of the WebKit project.
For example, I'm not even sure that with the current license of Latin
Modern Math it is possible to create a WOFF version without renaming it...

> Aside from the size of the font files, it seems like we have at least three separate issues:
Thanks, I think I basically agree with these three points. It seems that
we went far away from my initial question (can we use custom fonts to
run Mac tests?). So I guess the next step for me will be to open a new
thread describing precisely the different features of MathML / Unicode /
OpenType that are used by WebKit, which math fonts support them or not
and what fallback we use or can use when math fonts are missing. Maybe
I'll wait the MathML refactoring to land and/or STIX2 to be released
before continuing the discussion.

I'd just like to highlight that in my opinion the rule of thumb would be
to treat math as other human languages (e.g. think to what happens with
Asian or Arabic scripts, ruby markup, OpenType features for complex text
layout etc). For example, just like normal text, CSS can be used on
MathML to select a math font and WebKit has to do its best to render
equations with that font or another system font and maybe finally a
non-font fallback (Gecko even has an internal "math" language to let
users customize the default and fallback fonts for MathML). The same
idea applies to pre-installed system fonts or layout tests.

Frédéric Wang

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