[webkit-dev] Fonts for WebKit tests on OS X?

Frédéric WANG fred.wang at free.fr
Sat Mar 12 08:50:01 PST 2016

Le 12/03/2016 17:04, Michael Catanzaro a écrit :
> Not sure I agree that WebKit should pull in any particular font
> package. I'd prefer to just add some math font that's installed by
> default. Other apps will want it too. 
Sure, that would be even better :-) Even if apps do not support the MATH
table, they would at least definitely need good unicode coverage for
math & tech characters instead of tofu...
> But it seems to depend on a bunch of perl and texlive packages:
> ...
> I'm hesitant to add texlive dependencies.
Mmh, yes that sounds bad. I just checked the fonts-lmodern package on
Debian (https://packages.debian.org/stretch/fonts-lmodern) and
unfortunately it depends on tex-common which correspond probably to all
the perl scripts you are asked to install :-(

I don't see why tex-common would be needed for packages that only
contain Open Type fonts. However, I suspect it's just that maintainers
have not considered a use of Latin Modern Math outside LaTeX so far.
Besides LuaTeX/XeTeX/ConTeXt the only open source math rendering engines
using OpenType MATH table are WebKit- and Gecko- based applications
(although Khaled Hosny plans to add support for this table in
GtkMathView and use it for math rendering in LibreOffice).

> Also, I don't see it in Font
> Viewer, so I guess it requires the fontconfig change suggested by that
> wiki page to work, and that would require coordination with fontconfig
> upstream. I suspect there is some good reason that texlive fonts are not available to applications by default?
This depends on what distro / maintainer prefers. In Debian-base distro
the fontconfig changes are automatically done for Latin Modern Math, but
one Arch Linux user told me that their philosophy is rather to always do
the minimal setup and let users decide if they want to configure more ;
so the fontconfig change is unlikely to be done by default...

> Perhaps the easiest solution is to do nothing, and wait for a new STIX
> release?
I guess that's the easiest solution for Fedora...

However, in general I think the best would probably for distros to have
font packages independent from texlive that will just install the fonts
in more standard system locations and expose them to all apps by default...

Frédéric Wang

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