[webkit-dev] Build slave for JSCOnly Linux MIPS

Filip Pizło fpizlo at apple.com
Tue Apr 19 08:23:39 PDT 2016

> On Apr 19, 2016, at 5:50 AM, Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez <clopez at igalia.com> wrote:
>> On 18/04/16 21:50, Filip Pizlo wrote:
>> I don't want a buildbot for MIPS. It's not a relevant architecture
>> anymore. I don't think that JSC developers should have to expend
>> effort towards keeping this architecture working.
> MIPS is still relevant on embedded devices (mainly set-top boxes).
> It is also a popular platform for IoT projects.

This doesn't seem like a big enough deal to have in trunk. 

Have you considered an out-of-tree port?


> I understand that you don't want to spend time supporting this
> architecture, and that is ok. Nobody is proposing here that JSC
> developers should spend time maintaining JSC on MIPS.
> However, if someone is willing to do the work, I think we should let
> them do it and don't actively block it.
> Having a buildbot testing JSC on MIPS certainly helps anyone interested
> in maintaining this architecture.
> And anybody not interested in MIPS, can just ignore this bot.
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