[webkit-dev] Adding generated files to the Mac build

Benjamin Poulain benjamin at webkit.org
Thu Jul 30 14:31:43 PDT 2015

On 7/30/15 10:56 AM, Xabier Rodríguez Calvar wrote:
> Maybe it is something very stupid that I am missing, but I added a new
> IDL file, I added the object cpp and h files to the WebCore target, the
> idl file to the corresponding list, etc, but when I build I get linking
> errors caused by the non compilation of the generated JSxxxfile.cpp.
> How do I add that? Do I have to really do it by hand?
> Thanks for the help advance!

You need to add the cpp file in Xcode (WebCore->Derived Sources).

If you don't have Xcode, email me the bug number and I'll update your patch.

> PS: Please, please, please, Alex, finish the migration to CMake :)


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