[webkit-dev] forwarding headers and CMake

Alex Christensen achristensen at apple.com
Tue Jul 28 18:03:11 PDT 2015

In my work getting CMake working on Windows, I discovered a subtle difference in how forwarding headers are made.  In the existing build system, a forwarding header contains the entire contents of the original header.  In the current CMake build, the WEBKIT_CREATE_FORWARDING_HEADERS macro creates lots of one line files that #include the original file.

For example, my JSBase.h forwarding header contains only this one line:
#include “JavaScriptCore/API/JSBase.h”

In order to switch the Windows build over to use CMake, I’m pretty sure we would need the entire contents of the headers to be copied to the build directory.  Would changing this build behavior cause a problem for the GTK or EFL ports?  If so, I would probably make the forwarding headers macros port specific.


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