[webkit-dev] WebRTC in WebKit

Adam Bergkvist adam.bergkvist at ericsson.com
Wed Jan 28 02:28:26 PST 2015


Back in 2011-2012 there was some work done to implement WebRTC in WebKit
by Google and Ericsson [1]. At the time, it was only the chromium port
that had a WebRTC backend implemented (webrtc.org) and a fully testable
implementation. As of late 2014, there is an alternative WebRTC
implementation out there; OpenWebRTC [2] is an open source WebRTC
framework based on GStreamer.

This is an announcement that we are a group of people/companies that
intend to continue the work on WebRTC in WebKit.

What we would like to do is to:
* Get the WebCore interfaces up to date. Quite a lot has changed in the
WebRTC API since the code landed in WebCore. For example, the
MediaStreamTrack has taken over most of the responsibilities previously
owned by MediaStream.

* Use OpenWebRTC as a WebRTC backend on the GTK+ port. Our approach
would be to use a stable platform interface on a lower level than the
W3C API (MediaStream API and RTCPeerConnecion) and implement the API
related details in WebCore. This would allow us to let API related 
objects only exist in WebCore and not having to mirror them across layers.

* Evaluate the feasibility of multiple back-end support (e.g. webrtc.org 
& OpenWebRTC).

This effort will involve quite a few people, including Adam Bergkvist
(Ericsson), Alex Gouaillard (Temasys), Philippe Normand (Igalia) and 
Sebastian Dröge (Centricular).

Feedback and/or help is always appreciated.

Adam, Alex, Philippe and Sebastian

[1] https://lists.webkit.org/pipermail/webkit-dev/2011-November/018445.html
[2] https://github.com/EricssonResearch/openwebrtc

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