[webkit-dev] Client Hints

Yoav Weiss yoav at yoav.ws
Thu Apr 23 00:48:08 PDT 2015


As I've discussed during my session at the contributor's meetup, I'm
interested in implementing Client-Hints
<http://igrigorik.github.io/http-client-hints/> in WebKit.

For those unfamiliar with it, Client-Hints is a standard destined to
improve content negotiation, and enable the browser to advertise various
characteristics to the server along with resource requests, so that the
server can adapt its responses to these characteristics in a cache friendly

It was conceived to enable and facilitate server-side based responsive
images solutions. The main use-cases for that are automatic optimization of
legacy Web content, where it's not always easy to go back and modify the
HTML, as well as external image optimization solutions that prefer content
negotiation over HTML modification.

I'd like to emphasize that this effort is orthogonal to the <picture>
effort. (and the use-cases covered by each are orthogonal as well)

Since I intend to go ahead with implementation soon, I wanted to share my
intentions with the wider WebKit community and gather feedback at this
early stage.

Cheers :)
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